Wecome from CEO,

I’m proud to present STI design which stands for Sean Tayebi MD and Emily I Tayebi. We patented several unique ideas in last several years. A couple of prototypes were made with one in the process of going for production and hopefully more in future.

I believe having a good idea is not enough; you understand how challenging it is to bring a idea to a working prototype when you start the patenting process and make the prototype. After the concept is proved by a working prototype, you realize it is just a beginning.

After retired from practicing medicine, I started to invent a few ideas. I discovered more about myself and my daughter; both of us love to create and design. I have passion for creativity and design; it is so natural to me. I don’t even notice the time goes by. I wake up at 2 am on many, many occasions and find solutions for my ideas. I think of every detail and enjoy it very much.

I want to offer something for the people in this world, to make people’s life a little easier, to improve the quality of life, to prevent potential problems. I believe if you have passion for an idea and follow it through, being determined and patience, you will be very successful. In a nutshell it is a hard process to go through but to me it is very rewarding.